Overwatch Sombra Backlit Abilities Key Cap Set for Mechanical Keyboards

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"Everything can be hacked, and everyone."

Improve the aesthetics of your keyboard with these awesome Overwatch Backlit Keycaps.

Designed for use with mechanical keyboards, these keycaps will add a personal touch to your gaming setup.

OEM Profile, ABS Plastic, Laser-Etched. Compatible with Cherry MX Switches, Semi Switches, Kailh Switches, and any switches that are compatible with those types. If you are unsure, check your manual or ask the manufacturer.

Key caps only! Not a full keyboard!

1x Sombra Icon ESC Key

1x EMP Q Key

1x Translocator E Key

1x Thermoptic Camo Shift Key

The Q/E ability keys can be used on any letter or number key if you remapped your abilities.