Overwatch Reaper Skull Icon Logo Snapback Hat

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"Death walks among you."

Super stylish faux leather snapback hat.

Gabriel Reyes, the former Overwatch/Blackwatch Agent who would become the international terrorist known only as Reaper.

His identity and motives remained unknown. Now a ruthless and remorseless killer, he was responsible for terrorist attacks throughout the world. He fought in many armed conflicts throughout the 6 years since the blast, showing no loyalty to any cause or organization. Survivors described him as a black shadow ghosting unscathed through the most hellish battlefields. The few bodies recovered of his victims were pale, empty husks drained of life, their cells showing signs of intense degradation. It was speculated that Reaper was a byproduct of failed genetic alteration which forced his cells to simultaneously decay and regenerate at a hyper-accelerated rate.