League of Legends Draven The Glorious Executioner Spinnable Shurikens Axes Gladiator Skin

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Spinnable Draven Shurikens Axes from League of Legends! Set of two! Gladiator Skin! Spin it on your finger to keep you busy and enhance your focus. Kill time while waiting in que for games! Spinnables are fidget toys designed for fun and to keep your hands busy, they also promote stress and anxiety relief!

This is a toy, not a real weapon. Edges are not sharp, however it is pointy so please do not throw them at anyone. These are not meant to be thrown and will break.

These can be sometimes be mistaken for actual throwing star weapons, which may be illegal where you live -  therefore it is not advisable to carry around in public. Please check your local laws before purchasing, thank you.

We cannot ship this item to Australia due to strict customs regulations.

League of Legends Draven Gladiator Skin